Professional Movers on How to Pack Your Household for a Move

If you have ever moved from one home to another, you may know the stress of having your unpacked furniture stare back at you as the date of your move looms closer and closer. And no matter how much you try to wish the daunting task away, it will remain on your to-do list until you finally decide to do the job. Fortunately, there are a few tips from that will make the process easier for you and your family to pack up the belongings in your home.

Stop Procrastinating

Step number one sounds simple enough, but you may find getting started is the most challenging part of the packing process. Optimally, you should begin the packing process a few weeks before you plan to move. You can start by boxing up the items that will travel with you to your new home but not essential to your present life. An early start will allow you to pace yourself and decrease the likelihood that you will find yourself overwhelmed. 

Create a schedule and start packing weeks before your move.

Work On One Room At A Time

You should pack one room at a time and make sure that items do not become mixed in your boxes. Also, be sure to mark each box so that you know later what room the contents of each box belong. This tip may seem like it is more trouble than it is worth, but you will be glad you took the extra time once you are in your new home, and it is time to unpack.

Use Moving Boxes

It may be tempting to try to save time and money by using boxes you have around the house to pack for a move. However, you are much better off using boxes designed for moving. The moving boxes you purchase will be able to handle the weight of the items you pack and are optimally-sized to make moving convenient. 

Handling Valuables

Not everything needs to go in a box when you move from one home to another. Essential items like jewelry, necessary documents, and other valuables should travel alongside you in your vehicle. Make sure everyone in your home knows what is not to be placed in boxes before you begin the packing process. 

Make sure you transport your valuables with you.

Know Your Limits

It is essential to know what you cannot or should not pack yourself when planning a move to a new home. Some belongings in your home may pose a danger for you to handle due to the size, weight, or other issues with the item. Some items may be a hazard legally for you to pack without specialized supplies. For these items, you should eliminate all guesswork and contact a professional. 

Final Thoughts

Packing every possession you and your family own is not something most people look forward to when preparing for a move. And although packing the belongings in your home will require a considerable degree of work, the tips above will make the task more manageable.

Movers Give Tips on How to Get Your Home Packed Before an Out-of-State Move

Moving to another state requires both meticulous planning and preparation. If homeowners want all the things to go smoothly from the very start to the end, they can achieve this by improvising preparation steps as the moving day draws closer and closer.

Let’s say for example, you are well-prepared for the day, you will be in the position to minimize the harmful levels of relocation stress during the transitional period. For you to get ready for the big day, here are the main out-of-state move tips to help you.


Create a List of Your Important Things

You should take your time to write down a full list of all the items that are vital to moving. Items like furniture, kitchenware, and clothes. Also, chairs, tables, and bedroom furniture would be essential items to include on your list. Small desks and shelves that you can replace easily may be left behind.


Make a Pile of Items to Sell or Donate

When making an out-of-state move, you will need to be picky about the items you bring since the more things you pack, the more stressful and expensive your move will be. You should take your time to go through your house to make a pile of items you can move with so you only part with the essentials.

Donate or sell anything minor that you can buy after the actual move. Also, you can purge your old clothes, linens, and shoes before your out-of-state move. Getting rid of the furniture that is not helpful to you and your family will help you make fewer cargo spaces to move.


Create a Moving Budget

Before finding a reliable moving company, having a realistic and perfect moving out-of-state budget will help you monitor how your cash is being spent during various stages of the interstate move. You may find that the moving company costs are the most significant expenses.

But you should not forget to include the non-obvious and even the hidden costs when packing and moving to another state. Also, you should put into consideration additional expenses such as packing, disassembling, unpacking and temporary storage.


Know Your Moving Company before Moving Out-of-State

Choosing the right Seattle moving company will make you feel confident while providing the much-needed peace of mind when moving out-of-state. Prior to booking them, you should be sure to ask the company in writing or any other form of communication, whether they are available to subcontract your relocation to another firm during your trip.

If the company does, it will divide your items between multiple trucks, which mean that portions of your belongings are likely to arrive at the new destination some hours or days apart. This can prove to be a problem, especially if you’re starting your job right away and you want to minimize the number of days you will be off.