Realtors Give Tips on How to Prep Your Property Before Listing It

Every seller wants to get top dollar when selling their home. To make this happen, you need to know how to professionally dress up your home to entice buyer’s to start a bidding war.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some critical steps to take before putting your house on the market.


Disassociate Yourself And Depersonalize

Letting go can be difficult, but this is one of the most vital steps to take to attract multiple buyers. You’ve likely lived there for many years, and your home naturally becomes a part of you. Now is the time to emotionally take a step back and remind yourself that this house will soon no longer be yours. Buyers don’t necessarily like to see your personal effects.

It makes it harder for them to picture themselves and their style in your home and it becomes a distraction. Pack up photographs, family heirlooms, and anything else that looks like your personal touch.



Start by going room by room and purging the old junk you no longer need. Take your old items to a donation center or hold a garage sale. If it’s an item you don’t want to take with you to your new home, it’s time to get rid of it.

Clear off all counter tops and pack items you use every day in small boxes that can be placed out of sight. Doing so will give you a head start on the packing process right before moving day.


Rearrange Bedroom Closets And Storage Cabinets

Buyers will open your cabinet and closet doors when touring your home. Some are curious, and others want to ensure your house has enough storage space.

Make sure whatever it is you keep in your cabinets and closets is well-organized and neat. This includes stacking dishes neatly and making sure cups and mugs are facing the same direction.


Rent A Storage Unit

The less furniture you have inside your home, the better it will show to potential buyers. Remove furniture that blocks walkways and place them in a storage unit temporarily. If you have empty bookcases or dressers, store those too.

Only leave enough furniture to show your buyer’s the room’s purpose and leave plenty of room to walk around.


Make Minor Repairs

Most buyers prefer to purchase homes that are move-in ready. Even minor repairs can make or break a sale. Patch small holes in the walls, fix leaky faucets and replace cracked tiles or flooring.

If it’s within your budget and time constraints, paint the walls neutral colors.


Stage Your Home

Do a walk-through of your house and imagine you’re a potential buyer. Examine how your furniture layout and rearrange as needed until you achieve the best visual appeal. Enlist the help of a Realtor and ask them for recommendations on a reputable staging company.

Professional stagers will add and arrange d├ęcor to showcase your home in the best light for sale. Your house can instantly look like a high-end hotel suite or a home that should be on the cover of a magazine.